Lubbock TX Car Key Locksmith Service

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Ford cars are everywhere even in the not so popular cities in the country. Texas is known to be one of the states with the fastest growing population.

It is growing to become one of the busiest states. Lubbock is one of its states with quite a huge population, with a total census of 243,389 as of 2014.

The Ford Company is one of the car companies that use advanced technology to provide good security to their car owners. However, when the car keys get compromised it is a time consuming problem. Usually, car owners have to go back to the car dealership to order new ones.

But you can save yourself some time and inconvenience by seeking the help of our professional locksmiths. You do not have to go back to your dealership and wait for days to get the job done. When you come to us, we give you what you need within an hour.

These are some of the locksmith services we offer:

  • Car key duplication
  • Transponder chip programming
  • Car lockout service
  • 24/7 service


Car key duplication

A duplicate is necessary most especially for valet services. Most car keys have spare keys as valet keys made ready. However, if one of the keys gets broken or lost you will need to produce a spare key as valet.

Producing a spare key may be difficult, because of the advanced technology used in it. You will need to provide a duplicate that is exactly similar to your master key. Usually you will have to ask your dealership for it. This usually takes a few days.

However, if you seek our expertise, we can provide you immediate solution. Our technicians are mobile and can reach any post of Lubbock. They carry along tools to cut keys and produce new ones.

Transponder chip programming

Most Ford cars, especially those that were manufactured in 1995 and onwards, have a security system equipped in them. They require transponder chips to be able to start the engine.

We also have necessary tools to produce the same transponder keys as that of the original key. Our technicians can program the transponder chip so that it will function the way the original key functions.

Car lockout service

If you also need rescue from being locked out, call our locksmiths and we can get you in within an hour. There are many reasons why you get locked out. It can be because of a lost key, broken key or stuck key. Whatever reasons you have our technicians are ready to assist you without causing further damage to any of your properties.

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