Denton TX Car Key Locksmith Service

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Denton is one of the top 25 most populous cities in Texas and has one of the fastest growing populations, with a growth of 13.07% from 2010 to 2014.

Along with the growing population also comes the growth in the number of vehicle-using residents. When one or more vehicles have car key problems, our locksmith company is well prepared to respond regardless of the number of vehicles.

We respond to all type of car key problems including:

  • Lost car key
  • Key extractions
  • Car key replacement
  • Ignition repair and replacement

We also service almost all car manufacturers. Including the following car makers:


Audi is one of the car manufacturers that use modern technology in providing security systems to their vehicles. If one of their security systems gets compromised, Audi car owners usually have to secure a new one or have their vehicles repaired in the car dealership. This usually takes a lot of time, effort and money.

If you wish to save time, effort and money, our locksmith services are ready to respond to your situation. Simply contact one of our technicians and they will be there in no time. We usually make sure that our technicians reach our clients within an hour. They can provide solutions within the hour because they are mobile and their tools are also mobile. They can do it even at the roadside.


One of the most popular car manufacturers in the world is Buick. They use modern technologies for the car keys and their security systems.

If Buick car owners get locked out of their cars, our locksmiths can rescue Buick car owners in no time. These technicians are mobile and they have the necessary tools to resolve car lockout issues.

It is not advisable for car owners to try to solve lockout issues on their own because it will cause further damage especially when the necessary tools are not used.


Cadillac is also one of the most popularly used vehicles not only in the United States but in other parts of the world. In Denton, you can also see several Cadillac cars running around.


Cadillac has been in the car making industry for decades. Their security systems have evolved from the simple metal key to programmed keys.

Our technicians are well trained to fix any car key problems whether it is a metal key or a programmed key.

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