Carrollton TX Car Key Locksmith Service

24/7 Automotive Locksmith Services

Carrollton is one of the top 25 most populous cities in Texas. We can presume from this fact that the city’s streets are filled with vehicles.

If one or more vehicles have problems with car keys or car security, our locksmiths are ready to respond to any problem. Among the car key services we offer include:

  • Ignition repair and replacement
  • Key programming
  • 24 hour emergency locksmith
  • Key duplication

We also service several car models, regardless of the type of security systems that are installed in the car model.


One of the car manufacturers we service is Mercedes. Mercedes uses modern technology in their security lock systems. Old car models use the traditional metal-made key. Such keys are easy to produce by cutting.

However, several modern car keys are made of laser cutting equipments. Laser cut keys allow keys to start engine regardless of the side through which the key is inserted.

When such keys get broken, car owners usually have to go to their car dealership to acquire new keys. This takes a lot of time and money. But if you want quicker service, you can contact our locksmiths. Our services reach our clients within an hour. We can also provide results within the day even on the roadside because our locksmiths are mobile and so are the equipments they use.


Another popular car manufacturer is the Nissan car maker. Nissan also uses modern technology for their cars’ security systems.

One of these technologies involves the use of remote car keys. Remote car keys are either attached to the metal key as a key fob or a separate entity.

When either of these types of keys get broken or damaged, our technicians have the necessary tools to fix them. Such keys get broken in different forms.

  • Only the metal key is broken.
  • The metal key is completely detached from the key fob.
  • The key fob is broken.

Our technicians can provide results for any care of key problems.


Some Toyota vehicles do not require a key for the ignition. These vehicles ignition are just a button which car owners can push. They just need the remote keys nearby to start the engine.

But without the remote keys or if the remote key is broken, the car will not start at all.

Our technicians do not only cut keys. They also program remote keys for push-button vehicles.

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