Brownsville TX Car Key Locksmith Service

24/7 Automotive Locksmith Services

Our locksmith services are available anywhere in the state of Texas including the city of Brownsville.

We service all types of vehicles including Cadillac. Cadillac is a car company that uses advanced technology in their vehicles. One of these advances is the use of an immobilizer.

The services we offer are not only limited to the common problems involving the traditional metal car key. We also deal with the advances such keys with key fobs and remotes.

The services we offer for Cadillac vehicles include;

  • Car key fob repair and replacement
  • Laser cut key
  • Ignition repair and replacement
  • Key programming


Since 1995, car keys use immobilizers to start engines. Without the right key, the vehicle will not start. This ensures the car owner the security of their cars.

However, when they key, the ignition or the programming is compromised. The vehicle will not start at all. You will need to call up help, contact our hotline and we can deliver you the services you need.

Car key fob repair and replacement

If the car key fob is broken, it would be difficult to open your car. You will need the help of an expert.

Our locksmith technicians are well trained to detect any problem and supply the necessary solution to the problem. They will advise whether the key fob needs repair or a total replacement.

Laser cut keys

Laser cut keys are keys that can be used in reverse. Your engine can start even if you inserted the key into the ignition in the opposite side.

Should your laser cut key get broken or compromised, our technicians can assess the problem. They will also decide whether it needs repair or replacement.

Our locksmiths are mobile as well as the tools. So they can reach you anytime of the day. We also make sure that they reach our clients within an hour.

Ignition repair and replacement

One of the misfortunes that any car owner can experience is a broken ignition. This can be due to a car key stuck into the ignition, or when you force to extract a car key without the necessary tools.

When this happens, contact our hotline and we can send you expert technicians to fix your problem. When can help you extract the car key as well as determine whether your ignition requires repair or replacement.

Services like this usually require you to go to your dealership to order the needed car part. This usually takes a lot of money and time. But when you call for our help, we can provide you the same services at lower cost and less time needed.


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